Simple Tips to Wear Jeans Effectively For a Smart Look


Jeans are a one of a kind apparel that have become the epitome of modern fashion from its their inception as durable apparel for factory workers and other labour intensive jobs. The key functionality of jeans was their ability to withstand rough usage over long periods. While apparel made from other fabrics will just tear up and become unfit to be worn over a while, denim jeans would get beauty marks in the form of whiskers, fading, and washing. These fading and washing details are highly revered in jeans even today and many brand new designer jeans come with these details.

Denim jeans became more culturally acceptable as fashionwear when adorned by cowboys in 1930s western movies. During the 1950s and 1960s, jeans became a cultural icon for the rebellious youngsters who were out to break social norms of the time. Denim jeans have been part of mainstream fashion for men since then. Many events, organizations and venues had banned denim jeans in the 1990s as they were strictly considered casual clothing and not smart attire. But at the turn of the millennium, these restrictions were removed to a large extent. Several workplaces, leading fine dining restaurants, clubs, and pubs embraced the popularity of denim jeans. This clothing option got rid of the stigma around it.

Presently denim jeans are both casual and smart and one can opt to dress them according to their preference. Here are a few ways in which you can wear jeans effectively to get a smart look:

  • Stick with Solid Tops: Pick a solid coloured formal shirt in a lighter shade to compliment your denim jeans. Recommended colours are pale blue, pale pink, and white. Make sure you do not leave it untucked, always tuck in your shirt for a smart look. You can also wear a t-shirt preferably with a v-neck in colours that complement your smart look. Any top with too many colours, patterns, or overwhelming designs needs to be dropped.
  • Pick Darker Shades: The simplest way to look smart in denim jeans is to opt for a dark coloured pair. A plain indigo or navy jeans can give you a smart look whereas a lighter shade with stonewashed details will give a laid back look. Also, various fading details, ripped, distressed and those with patches are a strict no-no when aspiring to pull off a smart look. So, simply wear mens dark denim jeans to instantly get a smarter look.
  • Leather/Ethical Leather Footwear: Tan, brown or black leather shoes take your pick that compliments your designer jeans. Stay away from any fast fashion shoes, trainers, pumps, or sneakers as they are only a good fit for casual fashion. Many brands offer synthetic leather which is also referred to as pleather or ethical leather that you can opt for.
  • A Jacket in Dark Shade: Finally, all you need is a jacket to add layer and complete the look. You do not have to buy a new one, simply pick a jacket from your navy or black coloured bespoke suit to look effortlessly dashing.

Now that you are familiar with the bare-basics, you can start experimenting by mixing and matching various denim jeans to customize your smart look.

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