Tips to Style Watches With Outfits

If you want to stand out and look stylish, it is important to select the right watch to match. There are so many options available, but the only factors that will limit you are taste and budget. If you do not know anything about watches, choosing the best can be quite overwhelming. Sometimes you may make a choice based on the function while at others style will dictate your choice. Some of the decisions that you will have to make in the selection process include:

One or multiple watches?
If you are planning to buy a watch that you can wear anywhere, it has to be neutral stylistically speaking. This means that it will be so much easier to pair it with almost any color and wear it at all levels of formality.
If your budget allows you to own more than one watch, then the options kind of open up a bit more. You can choose a sleek option and an understated one when you want to be formal. A shiny and broad one can be a great conversation piece. If you want one watch, you have to be restrained and it should be plain. Also, note that a black leather watch does not pair well with leather shoes that are brown in color. However, you notice that there are some leather watches that can use interchangeable bands.

Leather strap or metal band?
Metal bands are neutral. The only thing you have to consider with this kind of strap is the color of your belt buckle and your cuff links. Men do not wear lots of metal and this makes a metal strap one of the best options.
As for leather, it has to be matched with your belt and shoes, especially if they are made of leather. Leather looks quite simple compared to metal. Plain black leather is perfect for formal situations. Leather gives that comfortable attitude and this makes it approachable.

Case and dial style
The visible face of a watch is what we call the dial while the case is that which encloses the movement and the dial. Normally, cases are metal or plastic made. Apart from uses in outside sports or utility, it is not reasonable to own a plastic or rubber watch, especially for a man. You need to choose the kind of case that you want and there are so many options available. The dials also come in many colors. Some are very simple and plain and it is usually deliberate. Black dial with a metal case is quite common with men. When a watch has more contrast, then it becomes even more noticeable. This means it will be less formal. Plain colors are perfect for business dress code. The shape of the dial and the case are aesthetic in nature. There are different shapes that you can choose from.
Buying a watch has a lot to do with your own taste. You should remember that not many watches will match with all outfits. So as to do this, you may need to invest in two watches. The metal bands happen to be much easier to match even though leather appears a bit dressier and natural.

So as to appear stylish, you need to match the metals and leather. Also, note that the watch movements speak volumes about your status.

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How to Take Care of Your Shoes

KMS Fashion

It is often said that women and shoes are a match made in heaven! It is one of the most passionate love stories one can come across. The love that a woman can have footwear is the stuff of legends. But while the whole world decided to get caught up in this love affair which is now very close to being a stereotype, it completely ignored men who happen to love shoes just as much as women love theirs.

That’s is right, there is no denying that some of us men are capable of making a woman with a wardrobe full of blush and head for cover, thanks to impeccable sneakers, trainer and formal shoes collections. The truth is the love affair between a man and his shoes makes for a much-underrated story!

Almost all men love shoes, sometimes with the same passion as a woman who has just set her eyes on a brand new pair of stilettos! But irrespective of if you are the kind who features on a social media video about a collection of Air Jordans or are just a regular guy who likes to keep his fashion to a minimal level, chances are you own a pair that are your favourite and you probably want them to last for ever.

While you already know that shoes have a limited life, there is something that you can do to prolong the life of your favourite pair of kicks. Here we go!

  • Clean before storing: Before stowing away your shoes you must make it a habit of giving them a thorough cleaning. Grime and dirt always leave stains on shoes that are very difficult to get rid of. Dirt is the biggest enemy of any kind of shoes and you must do everything you can to keep your shoes clean. And also, keep your shoes away from the washing machine!

  • Use inserts: Shoe inserts are objects that are designed to mock the dimensions of your feet. They are usually made of plastic or wood and are put inside shoes when storing them to ensure that they stay in their original shape. Inserts can go a long way in avoiding wrinkling and the deformation of mens footwear. Shoe inserts are a must have if you have a shoe collection of your own.

  • Cleaning agents: There are plenty of cleaning sprays and fluids that can help keep your shoes clean. They are water repellent and grease repellent which makes them the perfect choice for a shoe buff. Do your research and invest in some good chemicals that can keep your shoes clean.

  • Shoe boxes: Remember that box that your shoes came in? It came with your boots for a reason. boxes protect your shoes from moisture, sunlight and dust. If you are planning to move your footwear into storage then it is highly recommended that you wash them, fully dry them and place them in the shoe box.

All of these tips mentioned above are guaranteed to prolong the life of your beloved shoes.